Friday, June 19, 2009

On Tuesday evening I went to let my dogs in and nocited that my little dog "Kobe" did not come in so I told my husband and we started looking and could not find him . I was very sad we have had this dog for a long time but my hubby was "well serves him right for getting out all the time"

Anyway the next day as soon as the pound opened I called to report that I was missing a dog. They said that they believed that they had my dog but it was going to cost me $50.00 to get him back. Well of course Mike is saying "leave him there" but no I go and get him after work. Now after spending the night away from home in the cat room you would think he would act like he missed us huh? Well he comes in and immediatly eats ( cause he didnt get much the day before ) and then he goes and gets in his bed in the living room just like always. So I am thinking ok things are back to normal. Each night when we go to bed he starts to whine , which really makes me mad when I am almost asleep, and then I have to put him out side for the rest of the night. AAHHHH!!!!! I love my dogs but sometimes they drive me crazy!!!!!! Maybe this is my preperation for things to come.

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Nel said...

Don't you just love 'em!